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User experiences

User experiences…

Over the years, several users of the Pine Extract Drink have wanted to share their experiences regarding the drink’s impact on their health.

Terveys-Hymy has published several dozens of these stories over the years and shortly afterwards, the same stories have been published on our website.

Due to guidance from authorities, we are no longer allowed to publish these user experiences. The reason is that when users of the Pine Extract Drink share their experiences, they present health-related claims that are not scientifically proven.

A direct quote from the supervisory authority’s letter: ”As per Article 6 of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006, nutrition and health claims made on foods must be based on generally accepted scientific proof. An individual’s personal experience, even if it is completely true for the particular individual, does not meet the requirement of scientific proof. As such, the marketing of foodstuff based on an individual consumer’s experience can be construed as misleading (Evira’s guideline 17051/2).

View the documentary: Tuulimyllyjä päin (“Tilting at Windmills”)

From 1975 until today, the Pine Extract Drink’s and Kari Herttua’s journey has been filled with opposition by authorities.

Tuulimyllyjä päin (“Tilting at Windmills”) is a part of the “Real Stories” series by YLE TV1. In this part of the series, the inventor and developer of the Pine Extract Drink, Kari Herttua, describes the – at times rocky – journey of the successful Pine Extract Drink and how it has improved the well-being of numerous people.

Screenwriter and director: Erkki Pohjanheimo.

Tuulimyllyjä päin from Ravintorengas Oy on Vimeo.