With the help of this drink, the body’s own defence mechanism repairs itself.

Once upon a time, natural healers were appreciated as servants of the people, who turned to them with aches and pains. The pine extract drink, developed by Kari Herttua, continues and preserves folk traditions.

Kari’s Pine Extract Drink has been manufactured for over 40 years based on the recipe created by Kari Herttua. The pine extract drink is made from the bark and phloem of pine trees that grow on the western coast of Finland.

The journey of Ravintorengas Oy’s Managing Director, Kari Herttua, has been quite colourful in its span of over 40 years. He became interested in folk heritage when he was a young man and he found his own product in the forest.

Herttua’s roots are in Ylistaro. He grew up in a farmhouse as a son of a family that followed the Awakening movement. His mother had premonitions and was a “dreamer of dreams”.

Herttua is of the opinion that he, too, has inherited the richness of the dream world.

AS A BOY, KARI HERTTUA met the famous natural healer from Lapua, Sanna Fossi (1892–1959), whom people also called a witch. Kari visited Fossi for the first time with his mother.

Kari Herttua was a little over 10 years old when he said to his father that he would no longer attend the Sunday morning church service or any other religious events.

The young man experienced a turning point when he got his driver’s license. He travelled around Finland by car, visiting the natural healers of the era.

– I was interested in people who knew about the products of nature and utilised them. I searched for everyone I had heard of or read about, wherever in Finland they were located. They were unique and interesting people. I talked to them so that their knowledge would not die with them.

Based on research-based chemical observations and the experiences of people who have used the pine extract drink, its beneficial results are founded on more than faith alone. It is worth a try, and continuous use does not hurt either.

Kalevi Pihlaja

Professor, University of Turku

Article information

This article was published in issue 3-2016 of the Luontaisterveys magazine, which is printed by Karprint Oy. It is published now with Karprint Oy’s permission in abstracted form in the KauppaSuomi magazine.

– My old man became a little nervous and said I should be looking at girls as well. But there was a grandma here and another there and I had to visit them all to receive information! Herttua reminisces.

SOMEONE reminded Herttua of the fact that words are the most powerful weapon in the world. You can do a lot of good things and a lot of bad things by using words. This became etched on his mind and found its value later in life.

When talking to natural healers, Herttua noticed that they walked their own path in life. They are not necessarily interested in the way of the world like ordinary people.

– Knowledge was passed on from mothers to sons in families. For example, families who knew how to stop bleeding used to live in Ylivieska and Nivala. Blood stopping was a way to stop the blood oozing from a wound, but modern medicine has no way to explain it.

– People who possess this skill can stop bleeding even if they aren’t physically present. Still, they need to know where the person they are treating is located, Herttua explains.

– This skill was useful in the old days because immediate medical care was not always available.

The “Manta of Tyrvää” statue is located on the Vammala health centre’s yard

Natural healer Manta accepted patients primarily at her home and she also ran a small hospice. She made house calls as well and served people via letters and by phone. The most common illnesses healed by Manta were skin and bone diseases as well as neurological illnesses.

– People went to see Manta and she wrote a ”prescription”. The patients took the prescription to the pharmacy, where the pharmacist mixed medicinal herbs. Back then, that was how the pharmacies operated, Herttua states. Since then, many natural products and pharmacy products have mainly gone separate ways.

For example, iodine is more of a pharmacy product these days but in the old days, people used iodine in many ways at home.

– Through the ages, iodine has been used to heal wounds. If you got a cut on your foot and there was an increased risk of blood poisoning, iodine was used. A sock made from 100% wool was dampened in iodine and put on the foot. Blood poisoning could be prevented or healed with this method, Herttua says.

Iodine is an essential element in cellular metabolism and the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland.

IN THE old times, people who suffered from aches and pains used to suck on willow bark. When willow bark was later studied in a laboratory, it turned out to contain acetylsalicylic acid, which is a pain medication. There was an instant demand for medicinal use.

– Willow was turned into Aspirin, which is among the most widely used pain medicines in the world, states Herttua. Salicylic acid was made synthetically already in the mid-19th century. This is how many other chemical medicines were born, as well.

– However, synthetic products have their own problems. They don’t impact the body like natural products.

– Still, they wanted to make chemical pharmaceutics official. At the same time, people with knowledge of the nature were labelled as fools, crazies or witches, says Herttua.

ON ONE JOURNEY, Kari Herttua met a cabin dweller who told him about a pine extract drink. The person encouraged Kari to make the drink but emphasised that the drink would have to match the frequency of red blood cells. Then, it would work.

– On the way home, I pondered the talk about frequencies, that were already plain as day to me. This person’s cabin did not even have electric lights.

– I went to see this person again and at some point, I had samples to offer. I said honestly that the drink is not ready yet, something was missing.

– This person said I have ”the eyes of a wolf”. I suppose it probably means that I’m naturally determined.

Kari Herttua had decided to develop the correct pine extract drink and he spent several nights contemplating the manufacturing method.

Eventually the drink was born and the person in the cabin received praise for the challenge they had provided.

THE DRINK WAS MADE and found its way into the hands of consumers. After this, Kari Herttua has been mangled by several authorities. He feels that he is one of the few Finnish entrepreneurs who have defeated every single authority. He has taken even the National Board of Trade and Consumer Interests to court.

– The chemistry-based medicine did not like it when I started to work with the Nykyposti magazine. These articles were stories told by people who recuperated because they used the pine extract; particularly cancer patients were among the users.

One day, even the Central Criminal Police questioned him in order to make him stop manufacturing the pine extract drink.

– The Chief Inspection of Criminal Investigations first words were that the National Board of Health had instructed him to do what he needs to do in order to withdraw the pine extract drink from the market. It was not about whether the drink was good or bad.

No one said the real reason out loud but Herttua suspects that the health benefits provided by the product were too good.

KARI HERTTUA says he would not change a day in his life or his journey even though he’s been ”punched in the face”. The positive feedback given by customers during these 40 years has been more important.

– I have known from the very beginning which product I represent. I have said that Kari’s Pine Extract Drink is a product you do not have to believe in. It works anyway! The power of the drink lies in the fact that the body is given the natural nutrients it badly needs. As such, the body repairs itself, whether people believe it or not.

– We know that the body works only as well as its defence mechanism functions. And the defence mechanism functions depending on what we give our body through our mouths.

According to Herttua, pine extract gives the body the food it does not receive sufficiently in modern times.

– The pine extract drink will not make you immortal but the drink helps the defence mechanism repair itself, Herttua assures.

Junk food and medicine burden our health.

In Kari Herttua’s view, the junk food of today has nothing to do with being natural.

– If you eat the junk from supermarkets for a year, you dump a bucket full of chemicals and additives into your body.

– World Health Organization said some time ago that processed meat and sausages, among other products, cause cancer. Nitrite is one of the substances that cause cancer.

HERTTUA SAYS he has collaborated with Maalaistuote Vataja from Kankaanpää for a decade already. Vataja started to make products without additives and used Kari’s Pine Extract Drink as a preservative. In 2011, however, Vataja was visited by a health inspector, who ordered Vataja to withdraw all products containing pine extract within a month.

– Vataja was given the order to return to the ”familiar, safe nitrite”, even though the products, in which pine extract was used as a preservative, were acknowledged by the Allergy and Asthma Federation. Consumers have been happy as well.

– It is absolutely mindless, Herttua exclaims and lists the dangers of the food industry, from Coca Cola to aspartame and artificial fats.

– Large companies are not prohibited from operating.

HERTTUA RECOMMENDS the book titled Petos lautasella (Den hemlige kocken) to every Finn. Written by Mats-Eric Nilsson from Sweden, it is a nonfiction book in which Nilsson criticises the food industry for the excessive use of additives and flavourings and for misleading consumers, among other things.

The deceased professor Toivo Rautavaara’s motto was that people are a part of nature.

– As such, the nature and being natural hold the keys to our health and well-being.

Herttua is particularly annoyed by the claim that medicines are said to be safe and thoroughly researched