Pine extract drink

An organic product from pure ingredients


The entire manufacturing process of Kari’s Pine Extract Drink follows the rules of nature. The ingredients of the drink are sourced gently, without the help of large forest machinery, from closely monitored organic forests in Western Finland.

The list of ingredients used in the pine extract drink is short: the manufacturing process only requires spring water and the bark and phloem of young pine trees.

The bark and phloem are carefully detached from the tree with a specifically designed tool. The extraction process of the drink, including the extraction time and temperature, has been carefully designed to ensure that all nutrients are obtained.

The recipe of Kari’s Pine Extract Drink is based on ancient Finnish folklore but the most recent scientific research has also been taken into account in the manufacturing of the drink. Chemical diluents are not used and preservatives are not added into the product. To ensure shelf life, the drink is pasteurised and bottled while hot. The bottles, made of food-grade plastic, can be filled to the brim, which creates a vacuum that serves as a barrier against bacteria. The phenolic compounds in the drink also act as nature’s own preservatives.

Pine bark and phloem naturally contain several phenolic compounds, which protect the plant against, for example, excessive UV radiation, pests, viruses and bacteria. The phenolic compounds also affect that plant’s taste, colour and preservability. A large amount of these health-promoting phenolic compounds – such as resveratrol, catechins and other flavonoids – can also be found in Kari’s Pine Extract Drink.

According to a study conducted by the University of Turku, the total amount of phenolic compounds in the pine extract drink is quite significant – the amount is as high as 489 micrograms per millilitre.

Ravintorengas has long traditions in the manufacturing of the beautifully red and fresh Kari’s pine extract drink. The drink has been manufactured in Siikainen for over 40 years.

Where to find this drink?

Kari’s Pine Extract Drink is available in hundreds of stores around Finland. Find your nearest retailer here!