You do not have to believe in Kari’s Pine Extract Drink...

It works anyway!

With the help of this drink, the body’s own defence mechanism repairs itself. Once upon a time, natural healers were appreciated as servants of the people. People turned to them with aches and pains. The pine extract drink, developed by Kari Herttua, continues and preserves folk traditions.

Stories by the users of Kari’s Pine Extract Drink have been removed from the website

Over the years, several users of the Pine Extract Drink have wanted to share their experiences regarding the drink’s impact on their health.

Due to guidance from authorities, we are no longer allowed to publish these user experiences.

Ravintorengas and Kari’s Pine Extract Drink – 40 years!

The manufacturing of Kari’s Pine Extract Drink was commenced in Siikainen in 1976 and the company Ravintorengas Oy (initially Limited Partnership Terveysrengas) was established May 21, 1976.

These days, few companies survive past 10 years, not to mention 40 years.


Kari’s Pine Extract Drink has always been made using only pure Finnish ingredients. The product was granted the Organic Certification in 2012.

Made in Finland

Kari’s Pine Extract Drink only contains Finnish ingredients and the product has always been manufactured by Finnish employees in the middle of the countryside in Western Finland, in a town called Siikainen.


In 2003, Kari’s Pine Extract Drink received the Natural Food of the Year award for the first time. At that time, we could not have guessed that this would not be a one-of-a-kind incident…


In 2010, Kari’s Pine Extract Drink was recognised for the second time with the Natural Food of the Year award, in Finland and it became the only natural food in Finland that has received this award twice. Three’s the charm…