Pine extract drink


Researched organic product from the pine trees of the western coast

Manufacturing 1 gram of the spring water based extract requires 0.3 grams of bark and phloem of a young pine tree.

Research-based chemical observations and the experiences of people who have used the pine extract drink show that its beneficial results are founded on more than faith alone. It is worth a try, and continuous use does not hurt either.

Kalevi Pihlaja

Professor, University of Turku

An efficient revitaliser of your whole body

Based on experience spanning 40 years and the experiences of thousands of users, we can say that our pine extract drink contains the exact natural nutrients that the body needs on a daily basis to remain healthy.


Finnish spring water and bark and phloem of young Finnish pine trees. Manufacturing 1 gram
requires 0.3 grams of bark and phloem of a pine tree.

Daily use:

100-400ml per day. Suitable for all ages. The drink can be consumed as is. First
thing in the morning and approximately one hour before meals during the day.
Storage: After opening, store capped and protected from light in the refrigerator.

Use within approximately a week.

Kari’s Pine Extract Drink is manufactured using a method based on Finnish folklore.

The drink is suitable for all ages.

Nutrition information (100 ml):

Energy 6 kJ / 1 kcal | Fat 0 g, of which saturated fat 0 g | Carbohydrates
0.4 g, of which sugars 0 g | Protein 0 g | Salt <0.05 g *

*The product contains no added salt. The amount of salt has been calculated using the amount of naturally occurring sodium in the product.

Where to find this drink?

Kari’s Pine Extract Drink is available in hundreds of stores around Finland. Find your nearest retailer here!