The company behind Kari’s Pine Extract Drink

Ravintorengas Oy

Ravintorengas Oy

Based in Western Finland, Ravintorengas Oy specialises in the manufacturing of pine extract.

The Ravintorengas manufacturing facility is located in Siikainen, in the middle of clean, Finnish countryside – far from urban areas, highways and heavy industries.

Ravintorengas has been manufacturing Kari’s Pine Extract Drink for over 40 years – ever since 1975.

Kari’s Pine Extract Drink is a 100% Finnish natural product, whose recipe is based on ancient Finnish folk traditions.

The product has been granted the Finnish Swan Ecolabel and an Organic Food certificate.

HISTORY – What do over four decades hold?

1960s: Kari Herttua travels around Finland gathering information from people who are familiar with folklore

Kari Herttua, the founder of Ravintorengas, is a member of an old family that has maintained its interest in traditional Finnish knowledge. Already in the 1960s, he gathered details of the skills and knowledge possessed by people who were still alive at that time and used his notes as a basis on which to develop a method for the industrial manufacturing of the traditional pine extract drink.

In the 1960s, he created the foundation for Kari’s Pine Extract Drink, whose success has prevailed over four decades thus far.

1970s: Limited Partnership Terveysrengas is established and the manufacturing of Kari’s Pine Extract Drink is commenced in Siikainen

The exact date of the establishment of Ravintorengas Oy is May 21, 1976. On that day, Kari Herttua established a company called Limited Partnership Terveysrengas. The name was later changed to Ravintorengas Oy.

The manufacturing of Kari’s Pine Extract Drink was commenced in Siikainen in 1975. The drink is still manufactured in the same location today.

1980s: Fight against windmills and commencement of successful collaboration with magazines

In the 1980s, Kari’s Pine Extract Drink had to fight for its existence with various authorities. For some reason, authorities wanted to remove the product from the market.

Kari describes that particular decade as a fight against windmills. The fight is depicted in a documentary made by Yleisradio and you can watch it here!

In the beginning of the 1980s, Kari Herttua also instigated successful collaboration with magazines, which has lasted until today. Look to the side for a cover of the Nykyposti magazine from 1981. These days, Terveys-Hymy publishes amazing stories by the users of Kari’s Pine Extract Drink every other month!

1990s: University studies create a foundation for the increased popularity of Kari’s Pine Extract Drink

In mid-1990s, the University of Turku and the University of Helsinki published studies on Kari’s Pine Extract Drink. You can read about these studies in more detail here.

These scientific studies helped to create the foundation for the increased popularity of Kari’s Pine Extract Drink – and it shows no signs of slowing down!

New studies of the health benefits of pine extract have been published quite recently as well. The latest dissertation was written at the University of Turku in 2015. You can read about this dissertation, for example, on the Savon Sanomat website – here!

2000s: Natural Food of the Year – for the first time

In 2003, Kari’s Pine Extract Drink receives the Finnish Natural Food of the Year award for the first time.

In 2007, Terveys-Hymy, too, started to publish users’ experiences. Previously, Nykyposti and the SE magazine had published articles on a regular basis. The first article published in Terveys-Hymy described the experiences of Antti and Tuula Setälä from Ylistaro. You can read the story here.

Over the entire decade, the position of Kari’s Pine Extract Drink in the market of products with health benefits was further solidified. One of the most important factors was, of course, the award in 2003!

2010s: Natural Food of the Year, organic, expansion…

The popularity of Kari’s Pine Extract Drink has further increased in the 2010s. Many things have already happened during the current decade. This is why we will showcase this decade in more detail by highlighting some of the most important years.

2010: History was made with the second Finnish Natural Food of the Year award.

vuoden_2010In 2010, Kari’s Pine Extract Drink received the Finnish Natural Food of the Year award for the second time. This was the first time in Finland that the same product received the award a second time. To this day, no other product has repeated this success.

2012: Organic Certification

luomuIn 2012, Kari’s Pine Extract Drink received the Organic Certification. Basically, the product has always met the criteria of organic products but it was not until 2012 that an application was sent for the certification.

2015: The new manufacturing facility was completed

The expansion project of the manufacturing facility, which was started in 2014, was completed with fantastic, brand new premises in 2015. With the new premises, the production capacity can be increased based on need, helping Kari’s Pine Extract Drink to meet the continuously increasing demand.

2016: Ravintorengas Oy and Kari’s Pine Extract Drink celebrate 40 years of existence!

Ravintorengas Oy was founded in 1976. In the course of 2016, we have celebrated the 40-year journey of the company and Kari’s Pine Extract Drink in the form of, for example, TV commercials.

Below, you can watch the commercial that aired on the Nelonen TV channel in October and November.