Studies concerning Kari’s Pine Extract Drink


The University of Turku has researched the pine extract drink

The University of Turku wanted to find out whether there is a scientific explanation for this ancient, empirical knowledge. In recent times, more and more evidence has emerged suggesting that the extracts that were used already in the era of natural healers were efficient antioxidants. Such is the case with Ravintorengas’ pine extract drink – its level of antioxidants is very high, states professor Kalevi Pihlaja.

Antioxidants are substances that are known, at least in some cases, to prevent the harmful effects of free radicals that are formed in the oxidation reaction. According to literature, flavonoids and phenolic compounds, which also exist in the pine extract drink, are found to possess various positive effects on health.

Based on research-based chemical observations and the experiences of people who have used the pine extract drink, its beneficial results are founded on more than faith alone. It is worth a try, and continuous use does not hurt either, says professor Kalevi Pihlaja.

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